IMP Energy Solutions

Combined Heat & Power

Maximizing efficiency of power plants is more important than ever, and IMP Energy Solutions' experts can easily and cost-effectively handle the delivery and installation of cogeneration and trigeneration facilities.  Our CHP plants amplify the energy drawn from combustible power generation by converting heat that is normally discarded into energy for heating local buildings and water supplies in the area.

Microgrid Systems

Our fixed power plant solutions are well suited for geographically challenging locations in addition to grid-accessible locales.  IMP Energy Solutions provides standalone power systems with redundancies that ensure your facilities can operate independently, and reliably.

Reliability Solutions

We offer both permanant and temporary backup power solutions to provide you with safe, dependable, and cost-effective services to ensure your business continues to run smoothly and without pause during any unplanned power outage, whether your on or off the grid.  Fixed solutions can include units such as the Solar T-130 turbine generator set, while our mobile units include several trailer-mounted containerized units such as the Caterpillar XQ series of power modules.

Distributed Power Generation Services

IMP Energy Solutions provides flexible, and innovative approaches in backup power, micro-grid, and localized solutions for industrial facilities, businesses, stadiums, campuses, communities, and everywhere power is needed.